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mCent Browser – Free Mobile Recharges by Visiting Websites

Every browser has its own appeal. Google Chrome is incredibly fast, while Safari offers many amazing features for iOS users. Firefox, Opera, and UC browser are, similarly, fantastic in their own way, with all of them allowing more than just seamless access to the Internet. mCent Browser is another platform that has joined the conversation in the last few years, and its main attraction has to do with money and not the Internet.

What is mCent Browser?

mCent Browser is a browsing application. Like other browsers, mCent also allows users to visit their favourite sites to read, play, or listen to music. So it works just like your Google Chrome, although the sophistication isn’t as good which is expected. But, the app gets the work done and you can visit any site of your choice.

To get started, you’ll have to download it from the Play Store. The app isn’t currently available on the App Store, so iOS users can’t get it. Look closely and you’ll notice that mCent already has over 1 crore downloads on the Play Store. That is a huge number and a testament to how efficient and legit the app is. Ratings aren’t that great, though, which is again expected from a money-making application.

Features of mCent

mCent is not like your usual browser. It has the potential to earn you thousands of rupees if used right. Here are a few important features to know about the app:

  • Earn as you browse

This is easily the standout feature of mCent Browser. Unlike similar apps, mCent rewards you free recharge while browsing. Here’s how it works: every site earns you a specific number of points, which you can redeem to pay for a postpaid plan or make a prepaid recharge. For instance, for visiting YouTube you’ll get 37 points. Do it over and over again, and soon you’ll have enough to supplement your mobile plan. Amazing, right? And the best thing is that there’s no limit to how many points, and by extension recharge, that you can earn.

  • Home screen shortcuts

You can add a home screen shortcut of the application to your phone. This helps hardwire your brain that mCent is the go-to browser to use, which ensures maximum earning. If you also use Google Chrome, at least remove it from the home screen so that you don’t waste an opportunity to earn.

  • Incognito browsing

Many of us prefer established apps due to privacy concerns. mCent, however, is among the few not-so-famous browsing apps that offer strong security features. Your personal data isn’t misused in any way, while there’s also the Incognito mode, where you can browse without having to worry about your browsing history getting recorded. 

  • Bookmarks and Ad Blocker

Bookmarking is yet another super feature on the mCent Browser. It allows you to directly launch your favourite websites, which saves time and data. Auto-filling forms are also available and prove helpful when running short on time. Meanwhile, by using AdBlocker, you can enjoy an unhindered browsing experience and visit your favourite websites without the fear of ads.

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