Meesho App Review – #1 Reselling App

Meesho is one of the largest reselling applications in India. It was started in 2015 and ever since its inception Meesho has not just grown in popularity but has created a large user base as well as helped people in growing their business. The concept of Meesho is providing a platform for wholesale or small businesses to exhibit their products and help them earn profit as well as help the users. The website as well as the app mentions the fact that Meesho aims to create entrepreneurs in the country without much capital investment.

The process of reselling includes the user sharing the links to the products on various social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc and if anyone buys any product following the link, the user gets a percentage of profit from the sale of the product. Meesho has a website and an app which is easy to use and is downloadable for free from Google Playstore

App usage & starting up

  1. One has to download the app and register with an email id and open an account at Meesho. Identification details will be asked as well as a contact email and phone number. Then one might use a referral code that will give benefits to the user. Moreover, the app is user-friendly and has a smoothly operating interface which makes the experience of using Meesho without any hazards.
  2. The first step to start reselling is to browse through an array of products including fashion, accessories, etc at affordable rates. These products have a particular link attached to it which can be shared by the user on social network platforms. The more are the number of followers or connections of the user, the more are the chances of attracting a buyer.
  3. Whenever a buyer order a product through the link shared by the Meesho user, the payment is made to the user immediately and a part of it has to be paid to the Meesho as a commission for giving the platform, a business growth opportunity.
  4. Meesho has a feature where a user can earn by referring the app to a friend. The referral earning can be had from the moment the friend downloads the Meesho app and uses the referral code or the link. This is a popular way of earning some extra bucks amongst Meesho users, especially those who have a large friend or follower base.
  5. Meesho has the feature of linking bank accounts to the user account. Whatever a user earns is deposited directly to the bank account which is linked with the user account. There is no system of a wallet where the earnings are held for one to retrieve and then transfer it to the bank account. Every week the earnings from Meesho get transferred to the user bank account.
  6. The Meesho app has a customer service section where one can call, email about any issue that a user might be experiencing regarding the app or any transaction. Customer care is quite proactive and one can expect a resolution to a problem in very little time.

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