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This is How You Can Win Money on Paytm First Games

There are lots of good games out there, but you can’t download them all. That is because there’s only so much space on your phone and the more games you download, the slower your device gets. But like always, we have a solution: Paytm First Games.

What is Paytm First Games?

Paytm First Games, owned by popular fintech Paytm, is an online gaming platform. Launched in 2017, the platform allows you to play a list of popular games without actually downloading them. So it essentially saves your device space and prevents it from lagging. Over 4.5 crore Indians currently play games on Paytm First Games.

Adding further attraction to the platform is the fact that you can earn money through it. Here’s how it works: you play a game and compete with others through a contest. When you do well, say you finish in the top 100 in that particular contest, you get a reward. Keep performing and the rewards will grow. The best thing is you can withdraw the reward amount whenever you feel so.

There’s an option to withdraw with Paytm Wallet, UPI, or directly Bank Transfer. Everyday, players earn up to ₹5 crore playing various games on Paytm First Games. To get started on your earning journey, download the app either from the Play Store or App Store.

Best features of Paytm First Games

Here are some of the top features of this app:

  • Over 300 games are available
  • Allows you to play games without downloading them
  • Totally safe and legal
  • Secure as it is owned by India’s top fintech
  • Existing rewards with every game
  • Easy withdrawal process
  • Opportunity to earn lakhs or even crores

Best games on Paytm First Games

Let us now see some of the best games available on this app.

  1. Fantasy cricket, football

Fantasy sports is on everyone’s mind these days, and Paytm First Games allows you to build a team for every match. You can win up to ₹10 crores in daily cash prizes by creating a team and then competing against the best players. The coming Indian T20 League Season is the ideal opportunity to start playing fantasy sports on Paytm First Games.

  1. Ludo

Simple yet alluring, Ludo is incredibly popular in India. What makes it so great is that everyone, from kids to adults and senior adults, can enjoy the game. Paytm First Games has Ludo in its library, so you won’t have to download it separately. Playing online is especially awesome as it can earn you great prizes.

  1. Rummy

Rummy is easily India’s favourite card game. While you can play it at a lot of different places, we’d suggest you do so on Paytm First Games. That is because the app can earn you a signing bonus of up to ₹2000 as a welcome offer. Additionally, cash prizes to the tune of ₹50 lakh can be earned daily if you play your cards right on this game in the Paytm First Games library. The interface is really easy, with gameplay features also better than anywhere.

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