PeerStreet – a definitive source of passive income

Real estate is one of the surest ways of earning passive income. Though it has earned quite a negative name for itself in the past, it has redeemed itself quite well over the years. And with PeerStreet into the picture, things seem to look a whole lot better. 

What is PeerStreet?

For those of you who are unaware, PeerStreet is a marketplace for real estate investors – specifically those looking to invest in real estate debt. It is the first and the biggest of its kind and aims to get even bigger in the years to come. 

PeerStreet basically allows accredited investors to diversify their capital in a fixed-income asset class. This asset class previously was difficult for individual investors to access but lately has encouraged a lot of investors to explore it. 

All you got to do is build a portfolio which you can create and you can also curate your own portfolio. Or. To simply reduce the hassle, you can allow PeerStreet’s automated investing to do the work for you. Once you set your custom parameters, your loans will be placed automatically. 

Is there security involved in this?

If you are sceptic about the whole process and fear the website abandons you or your money, PeerStreet ensures that a third party “special member” will replace PeerStreet and step in to manage the loans and also ensures that investors continue to receive interest and principal payments. 

In conclusion

In the long run, real estate can really grow to be your ultimate passive income strategy. However, it is expected from your end that you know what you are signing up for, just so that your decisions get more precise and thereby more rewarding.

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