Pocket Money

Pocket Money- An App That Rewards You For Playing Games

Money-making applications have become a legit source of income in the last few years. They’re incredibly easy to use and do not require users to be masters of anything. All that is needed is a smartphone to run the app, a decent internet connection, and the will to earn. Anyone who has that should definitely check out one of these apps and start an alternate stream of income. Here’s a quick review of one such app named “Pocket Money”.

About Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a mobile application that allows you to earn free mobile recharge and wallet cash. It is one of the most popular apps for earning money online in India, and currently has over 1 crore downloads on it. Users get free recharge and cash in return for doing simple tasks, such as playing games, inviting friends, participating in weekly contests, and visiting the app daily. Cashbacks are also rewarded for downloading applications through Pocket Money and watching Pocket videos. Cool, isn’t it?

Absolutely! The app, hence, makes a lot of sense for people having free time. It is ideal for students, housewives, and young adults just starting their careers.

How to Earn through Pocket Money?

Some users have managed to earn up to ₹7000 on Pocket Money daily. So the app is far from fake and can be used to make money by almost anyone. Here are a few ways in which you can earn money on Pocket Money:

  • Watch videos

On the Pocket Money app, you’ll find lots of videos. When you watch and interact with them, the app rewards you with free Airtel, Vodafone, and MTNL recharge, or wallet cash. There’s no limit to how much you earn. So it is a great way to stay entertained and earn through it.

  • Log in to the app daily

Another way to earn on the Pocket Money app is to simply visit the app. No, kidding! You can really earn recharges or wallet cash for logging in to the app on a daily basis. We know it sounds too good to be true, but we’re really not joking.

  • Play games

Tambola is one of the games through which you can earn on the Pocket Money app. The game, which is popularly known as ‘Housie’ in India, is pretty simple and can be played by anyone.

  • Refer friends

Every application on the Internet has this ‘Refer and Earn’ feature, and Pocket Money is no exception. You can refer your friends and earn up to ₹160 on a daily basis. Do that regularly and you’re looking at earnings close to ₹5000.

  • Participate in surveys and contests

Every week, you’ll find amazing contests and insightful surveys on Pocket Money. Participating in each of them will earn you either wallet cash or free recharge.

So should you download it?

Yes, absolutely! Who doesn’t like earning quick money? The app is a nice source of passive income and is especially useful for housewives, students, and young adults just starting their careers. The more time you spend on the app, the more you’ll earn.

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