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Rufilo App Review

Rufilo is an India-based Instant loan application operating to cater to people especially young employees, independent professionals, and nascent entrepreneurs with the need for that credit support necessary for their endeavors. It is an AI-based application which helps in consolidating data to provide the perfect credit card from one of the banks that the platform associates with and avail the credit line instantaneously.


  • SmartMatch is a feature that helps in matching the exact need of the applicant with the right credit card which caters to that need.
  • ResponsibilityTracker is an AI-based feature which helps in accumulating data of the applicant’s credit history and creditworthiness. This eventually results in creating a strong credit profile.
  • No paperwork is required for applying for a credit card or an instant loan. The KYC verification is completely done digitally and takes very little time.
  • The eligibility criterion for application of a credit amount is that the applicant has to be of 21years and earning a minimum Rs12,000 per month from a salaried job and Rs 15000 per month from self-employment.
  • Quick Cash is a feature where after approval of the application, an instant credit amount as a personal loan, of up to Rs 25,000 is disbursed to the applicant’s bank account which is valid till 12 months.
  • Repayments can be done through numerous digital payment platforms like NEFT, UPI, Cards, etc.
  • Foreclosure of loans can be done anytime the application wishes to.
  • Repayment can be done after the due date is over by paying penalty charges.
  • The app has an extremely user-friendly interface.

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