Scripbox Review for Mutual Funds Investment India Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian financial firm offering investments in mutual funds through its online platform

Scripbox was established in Bengaluru in 2012 and is regarded as one of India’s rapidly growing asset management groups with 1500 crores of assets under management ( AUM).

In this Scripbox Review, Let’s take a close look at what Scripbox offers to make Investment simpler and more comfortable.

About Scripbox

You can open a Scripbox investment account with just a few clicks, and total mutual fund investment with maximum transparency without paying any additional fees.

Scripbox is an exclusive online investment platform for mutual funds that help you achieve your truly personalized financial goals.

You can invest in mutual funds, monitor and maintain your Investment, and quickly redeem and withdraw funds from a Scripbox on your bank account.

Now let’s understand how Scripbox works: –

  • Define objectives for investment

Scripbox lets you choose specific life goals for that you want to save money. Such life goals are defined as investment targets.

  • Pre-filtered mutual funds algorithmically selected.

Then Scripbox provides an algorithmically selected list of mutual fund schemes that will fulfil your investment needs. This saves time and effort in choosing a mutual fund scheme for your investment requirements.

  • Build a Right Portfolio

Scripbox recommends a mixture of debt and equity funds to create the right portfolio from the list of algorithmically selected funds.

You can alter the allocation of the funds in the mutual fund scheme based on your risk capacity.

The procedure of starting Investment at Scripbox:

  • You can sign up using your Gmail Account or Facebook Account. To create an account, you must also enter your full name, mobile number, email address, and password. 
  • To complete your KYC information, you must provide details such as date of birth, residential status, and PAN number.
  • You need to open a separate bank account connected to your Scripbox account so that it can be used for online payment (Investment), and receipt (redemption).
  • Then, you will be asked for the details of the nominee. Provide details such as the relationship, full name, date of birth, and address of the nominee.
  • Scripbox lists different investment objectives in the form of life goals that require proper Investment.
  • To start investing, you have to pick one of the plans. Say, for example, you may have plans for retirement or child education, then you can select the option of “Achieve the Goals”.
  • You may use a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or a lump sum to invest in a mutual fund.
  • You will get a list of Scripbox suggested funds; however, you can also select funds as per your wish.
  • You need to pay instantly or schedule a payment for the future by selecting “Schedule Your Investment”.
  • You can make use of the option of Net Banking or UPI for payment.

Pros & Cons 

The following are some of the pros and cons we have covered in our Scripbox Review 


  • Scripbox is an online platform that has zero manual paperwork requirements for investing in mutual funds.
  • There are around 6000+ mutual funds schemes for Investment according to the goals.
  • Scripbox offers the flexibility to change the allocation of funds to a specific mutual fund scheme while investing.
  • When you invest in mutual funds through their platform, Scripbox will not charge any money.


  • Scripbox offers only mutual funds.
  • Scripbox does not provide any kind of advisory services.
  • Scripbox only offers Investment in regular mutual fund schemes.

Safety concern of Investment

For all of its transactions, Scripbox uses bank-grade security measures. 

The site is secured through a Geotrust certificate that provides a secure connection to the website.

Once a transaction is scheduled, Scripbox notifies the customers via email and SMS to inform them immediately of the transaction.


It is understood from the above Scripbox review that with algorithmically selected mutual fund schemes aligned with your life objectives, Scripbox offers an easy to understand mutual fund investment process.

From a single Scripbox account, you can invest, track, and manage all your Investment in a mutual fund online, at your own convenience.

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