Sendible Review—the Best Social Media Management Platform for Agencies

Most, if not all, social media management tools are designed for a single business. However, what if you have to manage multiple social channels from multiple brands? What do you do then? Agencies had this worry until Sendible came in. Today, we’ll be digging deep into what is, how it is beneficial for agencies, and what are the pros and cons of using the tool.

What is Sendible?

Sendible is a unique social media management platform made especially for agencies. Sendible’s platform brings all the social networks managed by an agency together into a centralised hub, making it easy to plan, control, and execute social media strategies for multiple brands. This saves hours of effort, as well as saves money for agencies, as they no longer have to buy multiple social media management tools for various brands.

Everything, from monitoring, publishing, lead generation, and reporting features, can be done on a single platform. Sendible also offers intuitive social media automation tools that further simplify the process of driving interactions, growing follower count, and starting conversations on social media. 

Best features of Sendible

While Sendible has pretty incredible features on offer, we found the following ones more appealing than others:

  1. Content recommendation

Posting stuff on social media is imperative, but there’s no point in publishing posts just for the sake of it. Your content has to produce results, else you’re just wasting time. To help agencies improve their content, Sensible has a feature called Content recommendation. You search by a topic, and it will pull up a virtually never-ending list of trending articles to share. You can quickly schedule these posts to be shared to multiple accounts at once. This saves time and is guaranteed to increase your traffic.

  1. Simple CRM

A good CRM doesn’t just make life easy for marketers, but also reminds them of any development in the customers’ buying journey. The Sendible CRM does that by presenting background information on anyone you’re in a conversation with, as well as your previous interactions. You can send customized, personal messages without having to spend a lot of time researching elsewhere.

  1. While label options

Part of what makes Sensible such a great tool for agencies is that it generates smart reports, which can then be branded under the agency’s name itself. Sendible encourages you to create brandable reports, which look and feel exactly the same as regular reports. It looks like a completely new report built from scratch yourself.

  1. Priority inbox

Agencies that are already using Sendible absolutely love Priority Inbox. The tool saves hours each day by consolidating the most important conversations from multiple sources into a single stream. This also helps improve conversations and increase brand loyalty, which go a long way in fulfilling business goals.

Pros and Cons:

To sum up, here are the pros and cons of Sendible:


  • Campaign performance insights.
  • Real-time interactions with the audience.
  • Optimizing posting times.
  • Quick posting features.


  • Lack of tagging features.
  • You cannot post multiple images in a single Instagram post from Sendible.
  • No option to manage Pinterest accounts.

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