Sensibull Review: Best Options Trading Platform In India

Sensibull is an online options trading platform. It works on a technology that suggests the best options strategies for trading depending on the view of the user. It is a startup founded by Abid Hassan and Abhimanyu. They have launched an ‘Options trading platform’ that makes the process of options trading smoother and quicker for all types of traders. Sensibull is a popular feature used in Zerodha also for easing the trading options. Moreover, Sensibull has a website presence and the mobile application can be downloaded from Google PlayStore for free. It is quite a popular trading platform because of its features like ‘Easy Options’, ‘Option Chain ‘, ‘FII Data’, and ‘Options Trading Tutorials’.This options trading platform helps old and new investors to invest in the smartest possible way and rake in a huge profit.

Sensibull gives the user information about profit and loss probabilities, risk, strike prices, and more to help the user decide on the right online trading option with its strategies and features. The Sensibull has three versions which are Free, Lite, and Pro. All three have varying advantages for them. An example of Sensibull trading work is that if the user apprehends that the market is going to go up by 200 points, and hence in a dilemma to implement such a strategy which will benefit him, it is then that the user can just enter his view and Sensibull will come up with strategies and options on trading including information on maximum profit, loss and breakeven points.


1.Sensibull has a very sophisticated AI-driven platform which not only analyses the data but also suggests strategies. It also has a warning system wherein it warns the user of forthcoming events that might have an impact on the trade during the period of the user’s strategy. This helps in strategizing well in advance for trading to rake in the maximum benefit.

2.Any user usually needs a Stock name, the target, the target date, and his views on the trade to make the platform come up with trading options. The user has also the option of placing the trade from the Sensibull platform itself with a brokerage.

3.Sensibull has 3 types of account users, namely, Pro, Lite, and Sensibull Free. The free account user can get access to Advanced Options Chain, WhatsApp alerts 10 Watchlists, Advice, Education, Stock results, and Event Calendar. The Lite account starts with charging Rs 590 per month and the Pro account at Rs 970 per month. They both have different validity periods and have added features to it. Custom strategy builder in the Pro version and Virtual Trading without money in the Lite version are the most informative features on the platform.

4.The features on Sensibull such as Option Chain present the user with hints on the direction of the market and also display the prices of all the options on the display for easy and ready reference. Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) data also provided on the platform to make decisions with the help of awareness of international market operations and trends and the Online Trading tutorials includes videos, webinars on maths, stocks, and trade, and strategies for the users.

In Conclusion

Sensibull is a one-stop solution for all your trading requirements. The good aspect about the application is that it blends the capabilities of a strategy engine that proposes options strategies for traders with a trading platform that allows the strategy to be applied.

Sensibull, the Options Trading application makes it much simpler for an Options Trader. If you are an options trader, then I recommend that you test the Sensibull to see if you find it useful to you.

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