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Small accessories that will make a big difference in your life

Accessories are fun. And while they may look cute and quaint, adorning the corners of your houses, they can be really utilitarian when used right. Accessories not only add a certain sense of homeliness to the house, it also makes the whole space a treasure trove of handy things; making your household equipped to deal with whatever comes its way.

It is the festive season, and you might be wanting to gift homely trinkets to your loved ones and if you are running out of ideas, then you might get some ideas here.

Small accessories that make all the difference

  1. Bluetooth adapter for cars – are you stuck with a car that cannot play music wirelessly, and that just reduces your charm whenever you take your car out for a long drive? Well, here is something that can be helpful. Bluetooth adapter is a device you can use to play music wirelessly even if your car does not have a built-in mechanism for it.
  2. Cable protectors – how many times has Apple mercilessly charged you high prices for cables that snapped because you were casually using it? Way too many times, we reckon. To safeguard your cables and offer them a longer life, there are cute animal bite protectors that prevent your charging cables from breaking.
  3. Audio splitter – while sharing the right piece of your earphones with your partner may sound cute and all, but you would really be missing out on the base the song has to offer. The audio splitter is just the right solution for that. It allows slots for several pairs of earphones to be connected so that the music never dilutes and the love thickens.
  4. Wireless charging pad – at the end of a really long day, the last thing you want is your charger disobeying you and not connecting with your phone on the first go. It may want to floor your phones, but before you do that, consider these uber cool wireless charging pads that charge your phones just when you place the device on them. Oh, the convenience!
  5. Cleaning jelly – dust is a really invasive thing and it practically takes over your life in several nooks and crannies. The cleaning jelly is great to clean your keyboards, remotes, and cameras so that you can keep those buttons from browning over the years, making them look pristine year after year
  6. Digital photo frame – with digitization taking over, why should photo frames resort to ancient philosophies? With digital photo frames, you get the option to change pictures without the hassle of opening the frames up! Now that is clearly genius!
  7. Tablet and mobile phone holder – imaging you’ve gotta watch something on your phone or tablet while taking some notes down or simply sipping your tea. You cannot be holding the device and doing what you are. Thank goodness there are phone and tablet holders that make life easier for you; offering you a hands-free experience.

In summary

These seemingly small but really useful accessories will really change the way you live your life. They may be inconsequential at first, but wait till they ease your life out. You can thank us later.

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