Make Money through Blogs

Super Effective 3-Step Beginner’s Guide on Making Money through Blogs

Blogging has been a huge hit in the last decade, where we saw a considerable shift in attention towards content and its creation. And while video content creation stands tall in the years to come, there also is massive scope for those who have their way with words. 

Here’s how you go about monetizing your words. 

  • Be aware of your specialty:

The basic crux of blogging is to offer information that isn’t out there yet. And the internet knows a whole lot more. Think about your approach in this way: what is it that I can offer that isn’t there already?
Once you answer that and know that it is something that you are interested in, well, there you go. That’s your niche!

  • Understand and use Affiliate links: 

Affiliate marketing is basically signing up with a company’s affiliate program. Let’s say you are interested in writing about Mobile phones. You could sign up with a mobile phone accessory company and share links of its products on your blog. Every time someone makes a purchase through the link on your blog, the company pays you a certain percentage of the product price. 

  • Implement Google AdSense:

Once you create a blog and it starts generating traffic, you would have to create a Google AdSense account. Google AdSense allows you to display ads on your blog. And if your reader happens to make a purchase from the ad on your blog, the brand is entitled to pay you a certain percentage of the transaction. All you have got to do is work on your blog and let Google take care of the logistics of getting you your money. 

Parting thoughts

There happens to be a lot in generating passive income from a blog. However, if you just follow these three steps for starters, you will eventually figure out the next step as you go about it. 

Do not forget that in your journey of making passive income, consistency is the key. 

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