Twitter for Business

Tips on How to Use Twitter For Business

Twitter is a social networking platform which started in the year 2016 and has grown immensely because of its popularity since then. Twitter gets 50,000 daily users, more than 302 million active users of which 26% spend time watching an advertisement, more than other social networking platforms. And Short messages of 240 characters are used to convey thoughts and ideas onto the platform. These are called Twitter posts and “hashtags” are often used with it to denote a particular group of posts to increase visibility and searchability as well.

Moreover, the presence of celebrities and influencers have made Twitter a necessary tool to keep oneself updated. Hence the popularity of the platform makes it ideal for the promotion of businesses and for creating new opportunities.

The following are some useful tips to grow and create a business from Twitter: –

  1. Building a good profile: An account on Twitter is easy to open but making it relevant to the business is also very important. The account should have a short description of the business in the bio which gives the viewer an instantaneous idea about it. Moreover, creating a visually appealing profile with photo posts and videos is a necessity which one needs to attract a larger audience base which will finally build the consumer base.
  2. Using Hashtag: Hashtag is a feature which people use to bring certain kind of posts under one umbrella. Hence, using a relevant or a trending hashtag is important to attract viewers. Moreover, a user should start using hashtags on popular topics that are in the news which gets a lot of traffic. It not only escalates visibility but helps take part in a conversation on business-related topics and building a network.
  3. Tweet Posts: Twitter posts should be short and crisp and related to the business. The photo and video content should also be of a quality that should get people interested. Moreover, using GIFs is a fun way to connect to the viewers. Polls are also popular features that can be used for bringing in the target consumers.
  4. Advertising: Apart from using tools for the promotion of the business, Twitter has features like Twitter ads and promoted tweets. Twitter ads come in the form of conversion tracking tags, followers, website clicks, etc. Promoted tweets are such that it appears on users’ feed and through search results. Live tweets are also very popular with users and commenting on a live event that always gets the desired number of audiences. Twitter has an algorithm that can gauge the right campaigns to send o users who might be interested in becoming a future consumer.
  5. Increase Followers: The Twitter account of a business should aim to get more followers. This helps in creating consumers out of a dedicated follower base. Regular posts need to be updated for keeping the followers interested. Using the right hashtags, collaborating with influencers, creating a conversation with users are a few ways to get followers.
  6. Collaboration with Influencers: Influencers on Twitter have a huge number of followers. A collaboration with an influencer might mean more followers and more business. Moreover, if the influencers agree to promote the business directly, then the probability of profit is much more.

In Conclusion

I hope you now have a better understanding of how to grow your market, traffic, and sales by using Twitter. The more time you invest in Twitter, the more rewarding you’ll find using it, just like any other social media platform. And Twitter can be a great promotion platform for your small business if you use it correctly.

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