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Top 5 Free Blogging Platforms to Start

Blogging has helped create platforms for showcasing skills, interests, promotion of business, and generating income. There are quite a few free blogging platforms that give the nascent blogger a head start with a visually appealing blog that is easy to set up and it does not involve much technical knowledge. Moreover, these blogs are for free and one doesn’t have to pay for creating and sustaining the blog on the website.

In spite of the fact that the blogger does need to pay, even then the websites give an opportunity to monetize the blog and lets one earn from promotion, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and advertisements. However, the following are the best free blogging platforms at present: –

1.WordPress: It is one of the biggest platforms and also the most popular when it comes to building a blog or a website. It is extremely user-friendly with visually-appealing templates and easy setup tools. It has also got thousands of themes and more than 50,000 plugins. At present, almost 34% of websites have been created on this platform. It gives one information on analytics depending on the views, clicks, and the traffic that is generated to one’s blog. WordPress has two options to choose from, one is the free and the other is the self-hosted It is one of the simplest blogging platforms which is supported by Google. It is the best for the amateurs and others to create posts according to their interests. AdSense is a way a blog can earn money through advertisement put on their blogging page. The themes and templates are limited in choice but it is an ideal no-frill platform. It is of course free of cost. Most writers, artists, travel blogs can be found on this platform.

3.Wix: This platform was started in the year 2006 and since then it has become hugely popular. Wix is again easy to set up with a drag and drop features. In Wix, one can edit change and move photos or texts anywhere on the page. It offers 500MB as storage. Moreover, security and customer support is a credible one. A free Wix blog does not allow monetization.

4.Weebly: It is a free blogging platform that is good for starting up. In a short time, it has become popular because of it being user-friendly. It has got 500MB as storage space. It also has features like a variety of themes to create a custom blog of one’s choice. Moreover, it provides the option of an e-commerce feature that can be used for business purposes where one can easily promote and sell products and services. It provides good customer service which includes chat support and email as well.

5.Tumblr: This was created in the year 2007 and is quite different than other blogging platforms. It has a vibrant and fun feel to it and extremely easy to use. It doubles up as a social media platform as well in the way one can share and reblog posts. Although free, it offers ways to monetize a blog through advertisement and allowing to put affiliate links to the blog.

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