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Top Work-from-home accessories for people who do it regularly.

2020 has been some year already, and we still are a couple of months away from the end line. This year has changed working habits, organizational structures, routines topsy-turvy. People have had to adapt to different working environments, one full of distractions and riddled with obstacles which they never had before – their homes.

It was easier to demarcate between work and home earlier, as they were two separate, mutually exclusive domains. With work from home being a norm now, due to the threat this coronavirus pandemic poses, those home-office demarcations have now blurred, leaving employees all over the world kind of disoriented.

To make matters easier for those who stand uninitiated to the hassles of WFH, we bring you some clarity on what you may need and what may bring in some semblance of a work environment in your chaotic, noisy household.

Read on here to get a better understanding of what you need to have a better WFH experience.


Earlier, you would have thought you did not need a desk because you did not work from home enough. Quick tasks could be done by you perching over your laptops on the bed while you downed some cheesy burritos. Now, things have gotten a whole lot professional and cheese leaking your facial crevices would not earn you any brownie points.

Wooden Standing desk

This wooden desk has proven to be extremely useful to professionals who have been working from home for quite a while now. It comes in different sizes and can be assembled easily.


Remember those times when your lost your tempers in office because someone stole your beloved chair. Your chair has a vibe of its own, your own touch, and you cannot adjust to just about any chair.

Modway articulate ergonomic Mesh office chair

You would love how adaptable and adjustable this chair can be. This ergonomic chair comes from the brain of the founder of Wellness centre, Physio Logic – Dr Rudy Gehrman. With a supportive mesh and roller wheels in the bargain for you, you will slide through your mails just like you can slide through your room space – seamlessly.


A well lit space is always appreciated when you are neck-deep in work. The effort and eye-strain it saves you is always welcome. If you are looking for some good lighting, here’s an interesting one

TraoTronics LED desk lamp

Once you have your desk and seating sorted, you ideally need to go, “let there by light”. This lamp here offers you the perfect lighting to give you a comfortable aura around your working space. Neither too dim nor too bright, this lamp is just the right amount of perfect. It also has USB plug in which allows you to even charge your devices.

Summing it up

Working from Home isn’t any easier than what it was to work from your desk space. There are several other things that may make work from home easier, like a glass teapot for those mid-work caffeine shots, or wireless earphones like AirPods that offer you accessibility.

There are several such devices that make WFH easier, so all you need is to log on online and get the best working experience for yourself.

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