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New Upcoming IPO 2021: List of Upcoming IPO in India

IPO stands for Initial Public Offering and basically is a process through which companies raise funds for their operations from the market. Every business requires funds for various reasons. When it comes to diversification of funds for new businesses, funds are needed and a business can only thrive if it diversifies. 

By completing an IPO Application Form, an investor may apply for IPO Stocks. When it comes to purchasing an IPO, you must work through a registered stockbroker such as Zerodha, Upstox, Sharekhan, Edelweiss, Kotak Securities, ICICI Securities and many more.

List of Upcoming IPOs | Current IPOs on the BSE and NSE

Issuer CompanyOpenCloseLot SizeIssue PriceIssue SizePlatform
Rolex Rings Limited IPOJuly 28, 2021July 30, 202116₹880-₹900731 CrBSE, NSE
Glenmark Life Sciences Limited IPOJuly 27, 2021July 29, 202120₹695-₹7291513.60 CrBSE, NSE
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Limited IPOJuly 16, 2021July 20, 202113₹1073-₹1083500 CrBSE, NSE
Zomato Limited IPOJuly 14, 2021July 16, 2021195₹72-₹769375 CrBSE, NSE
GR Infraprojects IPOJuly 07, 2021July 09, 202117₹828-₹837963.28 CrBSE, NSE
India Pesticides Limited IPOJune 23, 2021June 25, 202150₹290-₹296800 CrBSE, NSE
Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Limited (KIMS) IPOJune 16, 2021June 18, 202118₹815-₹8252143.74 CrBSE, NSE
Dodla Dairy Limited IPOJune 16, 2021June 18, 202135₹421-₹428520.18 CrBSE, NSE
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Limited IPOJune 14, 2021June 16, 202151₹285-₹2915550 CrBSE, NSE
Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited IPOJune 14, 2021June 16, 202145₹303-₹306909 CrBSE, NSE
Abhishek Integrations Limited IPOJune 8, 2021June 11, 20213000₹504.95 CrNSE SME
PowerGrid Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT) IPOApr 29, 2021May 03, 20211100₹99-₹1007734.99 CrBSE, NSE
Kuberan Global Edu Solutions Limited IPOApr 20, 2021Apr 27, 20216000₹201.12 CrBSE SME
Macrotech Developers Limited IPOApr 7, 2021Apr 9, 202130₹483-₹4862500 CrBSE, NSE
Jetmall Spices and Masala Limited IPOMar 31, 2021Apr 7, 20216000₹204.98 CrBSE SME
Rajeshwari Cans Limited IPOMar 31, 2021Apr 6, 20216000₹204.03 CrBSE SME
V-Marc Limited IPOMar 25, 2021Mar 31, 20213000₹37-₹3923.4 CrNSE SME
Siddhika Coatings Limited IPOMar 24, 2021Mar 26, 20212000₹574.7 CrNSE SME
EKI Energy Services Limited IPOMar 24, 2021Mar 26, 20211200₹100-₹10218.6 CrBSE SME
Barbeque Nation Hospitality Limited IPOMar 24, 2021Mar 26, 202130₹498-₹500452.87 CrBSE, NSE
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Ltd IPOMar 17, 2021Mar 19, 202149₹305582.34 CrBSE, NSE
Nazara Technologies Limited IPOMar 17, 2021Mar 19, 202113₹1101582.91 CrBSE, NSE
Kalyan Jewellers India Limited IPOMar 16, 2021Mar 18, 2021172₹871175 CrBSE, NSE
Laxmi Organic Industries Limited IPOMar 15, 2021Mar 17, 2021115₹130600 CrBSE, NSE
Craftsman Automation Limited IPOMar 15, 2021Mar 17, 202110₹1490823.7 CrBSE, NSE
Anupam Rasayan India Limited IPOMar 12, 2021Mar 16, 202127₹555760 CrBSE, NSE
Easy Trip Planners Limited IPOMar 8, 2021Mar 10, 202180₹187510 CrBSE, NSE
MTAR Technologies Limited IPOMar 3, 2021Mar 5, 202126₹575596.41 CrBSE, NSE
Heranba Industries Limited IPOFeb 23, 2021Feb 25, 202123₹627625.24 CrBSE, NSE
RailTel Corporation of India Limited IPOFeb 16, 2021Feb 18, 2021155₹94819.24 CrBSE, NSE
Nureca Limited IPOFeb 15, 2021Feb 17, 202135₹400100 CrBSE, NSE
Brookfield India Real Estate Trust REITFeb 3, 2021Feb 5, 2021200₹2753800 CrBSE, NSE
Stove Kraft Limited IPOJan 25, 2021Jan 28, 202138₹385412.63 CrBSE, NSE
Home First Finance Company India Ltd. IPOJan 21, 2021Jan 25, 202128₹5181153.72 CrBSE, NSE
Indigo Paints Limited IPOJan 20, 2021Jan 22, 202110₹14901176 CrBSE, NSE
Indian Railway Finance Corporation Limited IPOJan 18, 2021Jan 20, 2021575₹264633.38 CrBSE, NSE

Terms Related to IPO:

  1. Price Band: The price band is the range of prices under which investors can bid in an IPO.
  2. Opening Date: This is the first day that you will submit a bid for shares in an IPO. It’s also known as the offer date.
  3. Lot Size: In an IPO, the minimum number of shares on which you can place a bid. You must bid in multiples of the lot size if you need to buy more shares.
  4. Issue Prize: The issue price is the price at which they are put up for sale when shares first become available to the public.
  5. Issue Size: The total number of shares available for bidding.
  6. Platform: It generally means a stock exchange platform which is a centralised venue where publicly traded companies’ shares are purchased and sold. Mainstream IPO’s are normally listed on NSE and BSE. SME IPOs are listed on the respective exchanges of NSE EMERGE or BSE SME platforms.


Investors should be aware of the following:

  • Since the Upcoming SME IPO Calendar is based on information obtained from the internet, dates can differ.
  • We only provide detailed information about upcoming SME IPOs. For any SME IPO, we do not trade or sell any grey market premium or Kostak prices.

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