Building a Sales Funnel

Ways to earn by building a sales funnel

In the modern era, passive income has been that holy grail that everyone is on the lookout for. In the end, that extra cash coming in, with no efforts required on your end is practically the modern-day version of the hen that lays golden eggs. You get richer without having to break a sweat. 

Sales funnels are increasingly popular options people opt for to make some side money. 

If you are a novice at this and wonder what is all this about, well, fret not. By the end of this article, you will be wiser. 

What are the sales funnel?

Imagine an actual, real-world funnel. In marketing terms, this funnel shape holds importance. At the top of that funnel, is where a lot of visitors pour in. Unlike a real-world funnel, the marketing funnel does not ensure whatever goes in from the top comes out the bottom. The sales funnel is basically a portal where one can estimate if browsers become buyers. 

A lot can go wrong between the time a browser enters a website and finally makes a purchase at the end of it. 

How can a sales funnel make you money?

  1. When you offer setting up a sales funnel for others, you end up earning an affiliate commission. 
  2. You can also sell your own informational expertise or even real-world products through the model you create
  3. You can even charge others to build funnels through certain verified Clickfunnel certified partners

Parting thoughts

This way, passive income is surety for you. Your 9-5 rigmarole is only a matter of years with this steady passive income coming your way.

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