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What is an Instagram shop? How to set it up?

We all enjoy spending time on social media, especially, the no-nonsense Instagram where you scroll down interesting pictures and just like them. The Instagram style of content generation has appeased the fancy of an entire generation so much that there are legitimate models that only do photo-ops for Instagram. 

Gramming, as the cool kids call it these days, is definitely hype. 

How about a way where you could make this a revenue-generating avenue for yourself?

What is Instagram Shop?

Instagram shop is a great tool if you have your own business and are looking for a platform to advertise your products organically. An Instagram shop basically allows you to integrate the product catalogue with your brand’s Instagram profile. This in turn allows you to promote your products directly to Instagram users through posts, stories or even on the Explore tab where users come across new and innovative content all the time. 

Instagram Shop also allows you to tag products in your posts just the way you would tag a friend on your posts. 

How to setup your own Instagram shop?

In order to start your own Instagram Shop, you would first need a Facebook Shop. This is primarily because since their integration, Instagram tends to pull vital information directly from your Facebook to create your own Instagram shop. 

Step 1: You need to meet the Eligibility requirements to begin with; hence you got to lay the groundwork beforehand. 

Step 2: Add your product catalogue to your Facebook Shop because this way Instagram will be able to fetch your information

Step 3: Set up the Instagram Sales channel in the Shopify dashboard

Step 4: You would have to wait for your account to be approved

Step 5: Once the approval comes, you have to confirm which Facebook Shop you desire to add to your Instagram shop

Step 6: Tag your products in your feed just like you would tag your friends and your products will display like ads on your feed. 

In Conclusion

Shopping on Instagram would change the way of sales, and potentially the way product cards are built too. It’s opened a new shop to the nation. It will also shift the way Instagram conducts its ads. 

So, that’s it – now you know everything you need to get your business started with Instagram Shopping.

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