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WONK: Find Online Tutoring Jobs

Wonk is an online application based system founded in 2006, which is a MyEdge initiative. It the one of the largest of its kind in India. The co-founders  Vidhu Goyal has been recognized by various platforms like She Leads Tech India Program by Facebook, Sonder Connect, by IBM for coming up with this initiative fostering not only education but also entrepreneurs. Moreover, the app has been also selected for its operations and functions which has benefitted millions in India, like NASSCOM 10,000 StartUp Program, FbStart Program (Facebook), Microsoft BizSpark & many such platforms.

Wonk is hugely popular amongst students, parents, tutors & coaching centers in India. Google Play records show that the App has been downloaded more than 10,000 and through Wonk, at least 15000 tutoring classes have been booked until now. Students and parents prefer using the app for a long term and short term requirement and the process of searching, booking is free from hassles. Tutors as well as coaching centers find it extremely beneficial for their growth in the educational sector.

The application does not only provides tutors for academics but also extracurricular activities. It has more than 40,000 tutors and coaching centers registered with it. The app aims at being that one platform where the requirements of students tutor are met. It helps in the booking of the right tutor for classes that require the physical presence of the tutors and students. It helps the tutors get exposure through the creation of profiles and getting students in and around their locality.


1.The app has a system of verification that is used to verify the identity of the tutors. This helps in gaining trust from the student community. The credibility of a tutor can also be reviewed through the ratings, comment reviews by students and parents who have been benefitted from the services. This also helps in maintaining transparency in the system for the benefit of both tutors and students. Coaching centers are also enlisted in the app which helps them grow their business.

2.The app also helps to provide examination related services like mock tests for the preparation of the actual examination. It has got options for joining individual tuition classes and group tuition classes also. It has all the features required for the local demand of the educational sector.

3.The student or parent can book a tutor in an easy 3-way process and can pay through easy payment methods like payment wallets, for example, Paytm. The app also provides an EMI scheme for payment of the chargeable amount to make education accessible and available to all.

4.It has a feature of “Tutor Swap” wherein a critical issue gets resolved like when a tutor changes cities or leave the locality for a while, a replacement tutor can be found almost immediately without losing any precious tutoring time.This feature allows the independence of tutors, saves money of the parents and study time for the student.

5.There is a system of “Free Demo Classes” whereby students and parents are given the opportunity to be sure of the teaching of the tutor before they book a class of that very same tutor.

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