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YouTube Videos for Passive income

While we all enjoy a quick YouTube video or two when we are bored, there is a whole lot of exploration here to do if you are looking for more than just entertainment. If you, instead of consuming content on YouTube, start looking at creating content, you will realize there is a whole lot of money to be made here. 

What you need to do to make money on YouTube

YouTube serves as the ultimate Passive income strategy for youngsters. Here’s what you need to do to monetize this portal. 

  • Understand the process

Understanding the process is the key to not only making money but making more money faster. First you got to engage an audience effectively. With so much competition, it gets a little difficult but if you have the right idea to take you through, nothing can stop you. 

  • Join the YouTube Partner Programme (YTPP)

Once you join the YTPP, it allows you to monetize the content you post online. In order to have your channel reviewed, you need to have at least over 4000 watch hours in the span of a year and at least over 1000 subscribers. 

  • Ways to earn 

Once your channel gains traction, you can earn through ads, channel memberships, selling merchandise, striking brand deals with interested partners, signing up to YouTube Premium which offers your content to only a select audience, etc. 

To leave you with this

In the 21st century, a definitive source of income sits right there in the palm of your hands. All you need is a brilliant, out-of-the-box idea and the correct execution. Your bank accounts will never run dry then.  

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